भिजन एण्ड मिशन


"Managing Roads for National Integration and Socio-Economic Development" is the vision for the development of roads in Nepal. The overall goal is to contribute in achieving sustainable socio-economic development by providing safe affordable public road infrastructure services through building of a cost-effective, efficient and reliable road network system. At the end of its plan period, the 20 year Master Plan for Strategic Road Network envisages the following outcomes from the implementation of the proposed road program:

  • Motorable access to all the 75 District Headquarters in the country with Bituminous sealed road to almost all District HQ;
  • Doubling of the length of the present Strategic Road Network with a target road density of 15 km per 10,000 populations.
  • Ensuring more than 95 percent of SRN in a good/fair annual condition;
  • Substantially reducing the walking distance of 13 days to 3 days in extreme cases to reach the motor-head in High Himalayas & Mountains; and reducing the walking distance of 4 hours to reach motor-head in Terai and Hills;
  • Establishment and functioning of Autonomous Road Agency to manage central road network with an increased level of user's involvement;
  • Establishment and functioning of the monitoring system for effective and efficient service delivery through an independent annual user's satisfaction survey; and
  • Substantial reduction in accidents rate.


The mission statement for the Department of Roads is
"To Contribute Towards the Betterment of Living Conditions of the People through Effective, Efficient, Safe and Reliable Road Connectivity"