पृष्ठ भुमि

Department of Roads (DoR) had been established along with Department of Building after splitting from Public Works Department (PWD) in 2027 B.S.

Mr. Dipti Jung Thapa became the chief Engineer of DoR and served as such from 2027 till 2032 BS.

During Rana regime, there was a road office named "Bato Kaj Goshwara" and"Chhembhadel Adda" for construction & maintenance of Civil Engineering works. There were branch offices such as "Banaune Adda" for other parts of the country. Then "Naya Bato Kaj Goshwara" and "Purano Bato Goshwara" were established for new construction and maintenance works respectively. An army unit called "Samarjung" used to carry out the routine maintenance under the"Purano Bato Kaj Goshwara".

Both "Naya Bato Kaj Goshwara" and "Purano Bato Kaj Goshwara" were merged into a new office as Public Works Department (PWD), which was located in Singh Durbar after the advent of democracy in 2007 BS.

Under PWD two sections were created - one as road section and the other as building section (for all kinds of civil engineering works other than that of roads). Mr. Kul Ratna Tuladhar was the first Chief Engineer of PWD.

"Bagmati valley Road Project " was set up to carry out the detail survey and construction of Kanti Rajpath. In 2011 BS, Royal Nepal Army completed it's detail survey.In 2017 BS, Rajdal Army Battalion completed the construction of 70 Kms. of 91 Km. long Kanti Rajpath.
In 2017 BS, three sub-sections, named as Construction, Planning and Maintenance, were created under road section of PWD. Three Chief Engineers were appointed for each sub-section. They were Mr. Bishnu Bahadur Karki, Mr. Gyan Prasad Sharma and Mr. Birendra Keshari Pokhrel respectively.

Along with three Chief engineers, the technical adviser Mr. F.J. Chaudeley from UN had been appointed as Engineer -in- Chief for technical assistance. In addition, four more technical advisers viz., Mr Sorber (Design), Mr. Glaister (Planning), Mr. Zegnate (Maintenance) and Mr. Bell (Mechanical) were appointed from OPEC countries for technical strengthening of road department.

The Road Transport Organization (RTO) was in existence as a Project Office separately but it had been winded up in 1962 transferring all its activities to DoR.

Mr. B.B. Karki continued as Chief Engineer till DoR broke away from PWD (2027 BS).