हाम्रो उद्देश्य

With the ultimate objective of directly contributing to the alleviation of poverty in Nepal, the main objective of road development is to develop, expand and strengthen the road network in a sustainable way for enhancing the overall socio-economic development and integration of the country through balanced regional development by providing due consideration for remote areas and deprived communities.

In order to realize the objective of the road sector, the study carried out for the Road Master Plan has identified the following development priorities as presented in the previous Chapter 3:

  • To maintain road network effectively and efficiently (Asset Preservation): Mechanism is now in place to address the basic issue of an adequate and stable flow of funds for maintenance. The establishment of Roads Board with all the support from the stakeholders including donors is taken as a pioneer step in this direction.
  • To provide access to all District Headquarters to strengthen social, economic, administrative linkages: Access to essential services is a basic ingredient in improving the quality of life and, thereby, reducing poverty. The priority for the Government is to provide efficient and reliable motorable access to all District Headquarters. In order to bring the Districts into the road network map, the Government has committed itself to first opening up motorable access to these districts.
  • To improve existing access to District Headquarters for safe, reliable and cost effective travel: Efficient and improved road condition has found to have significant impact on economic development of the region. The target is to provide all weather bituminous pavements to the existing roads connected to District Headquarters within 11th Plan period. Bridges on these roads are also proposed to get completed by the end of the 11th Plan.
  • To develop roads to supplement Poverty Reduction Program and to improve accessibility in Mid-hills and Terai: The basic thrust is for a gradual build-up of two Highways of national importance -- Mid Hill and Postal. As for the national highway through the Mid Hill, there remains a significant length of access not yet opened. On the other hand, the Postal Road has access but is in need of substantial improvement of existing track/road. Postal Roads need a careful consideration & incorporation of the surrounding drainage pattern integrated into the road system while developing this important road corridor.
  • To develop and expand the existing SRN to facilitate effective and efficient movement of goods and services and to foster economic growth;
  • To develop and adopt cost effective measures by initiating innovativeness in road pavement and bridge design;
  • To develop roads to support other infrastructure development and to link areas of significant social and economic importance; and,
  • To encourage private sector participation in the development, maintenance and management of roads.