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SASEC Road Improvement Project (SRIP) under PD (ADB)

Nepal is a landlocked country located in South Asia where transport is expected to play a major role in the economic and social development. With a very low density of roads, about 30 km per 100 km² of land area or 0.9 km per 1,000 people, which accounts for almost 90% of the country’s passenger and freight transport, Nepal urgently, requires expansion and improvement of road sub-sectors. Government of Nepal has given one of the highest priorities in the road transport development strategy. With the financial assistance from Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Department of Roads (DoR) has taken up the SASEC Roads Improvement Project (SRIP).

Under this project, the Narayanghat – Butwal Road Section of the East – West Highway will be widened/ improved to 4 lanes road, except the Daunne Section (Km 60+900 – Km 75+000) which will have 3 lanes (including a climbing lane) from present 2 lanes road.

The objective of the Project is to get the above listed road sections improved/ upgraded in order to address the increased traffic, with high quality construction in scheduled time period, within budget in full compliance with the approved engineering designs, technical specifications within the terms and condition of the Contract documents and sound engineering practices. The construction period for the individual construction contract is envisaged to be 42.16 months for Bhairahawa – Lumbini – Taulihawa (BLT) Road and 77 months for Narayanghat – Butwal Road (Package 1 & 2) with Defect Notification Period (DNP) of 12 months for each contract. In addition, DoR has provisioned the Performance Based Maintenance (PBM) for a period of 48 months for Narayanghat – Butwal (NB) Road (Package 1 & 2).