Central Office
SN Office Name Address Office Chief Post Tel:(977-01-) Email
1  Department of Roads  Patandhoka Rabindra Nath Shrestha DG 5529075  dgdor@dor.gov.np
2  Planning and Design Branch Patandhoka Mukti Gautam DDG 5529098  planning@dor.gov.np
3  Maintenance Branch  Patandhoka Shiva Prasad Nepal DDG  5531958  dormaintb@dor.gov.np
4  Foreign Co-operation Branch Jwagal Sanjay Kumar Shrestha DDG 4440227  dorfcb@dor.gov.np
5  Mechanical Branch  Patandhoka Hariram Acharya DDG 5005534  dormechb@dor.gov.np
6  Bridge Branch  Patandhoka Arjun jung Thapa DDG 5528771  bridgeprj@dor.gov.np
7 NSTRIPD  Patandhoka Balram Mishra  Project Manager 5529130  acqmp@dor.gov.np
9  Administration Section  Patandhoka Lekhnath Gyawali Chief Administrative Officer  5535208 admin@dor.gov.np
10  Financial Administration Section  Patandhoka Surya Mani Gautam Chief Account Officer 5532236 fadmin@dor.gov.np




SN Units Name Address Office Chief Post Telephone (977-01-) Email
1  HMIS and ICT  Babarmahal Dinesh Aryal  SDE  4258154  hmis@dor.gov.np
2  Planning, Monitoring and  Evaluation Unit  Patandhoka Ramesh Kumar Singh  SDE 5005524  pmeunit@dor.gov.np
3  Road and Traffic Unit  Patandhoka Dip barahi  SDE  5005520  rtunit@dor.gov.np
4  Geo Environment and Society Unit  Patandhoka Shiv Raj Adhikari  SDE  5260505  gesunit@dor.gov.np
5  Dispute Resolution Unit  Patandhoka Ram Chandra Sha  SDE    -
6  Road Sector Skilll and Development Unit  Patandhoka Shiv Raj Adhikari  SDE    rssdu@dor.gov.np


SN Projects Name Address Office Chief Post Telephone (977-1-) Email
2  RSDP (PCU) Jwagal  Ajay Kumar Mull  SDE 4440236  ajay@dor.gov.np
3  RSDP Jwagal    SDE  4216094  
4  SMD Patandhoka    SDE  5532204  
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"To Contribute Towards the Betterment of Living Conditions of the People through Effective, Efficient, Safe and Reliable Road Connectivity"

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