The Department of Roads has been playing a vital role in the development of the country by constructing and maintaining the road network of the country. The use of construction equipment has obviously made a big contribution to the DOR’s achievement in road construction and maintenance. At the moment this Department is a largest construction equipment fleet operator in this country.

During last 30 years, DOR has continuously increased its fleet size from various multilateral aids, bilateral grants and from HMG resources to cope with the need of equipment for new construction and maintenance of the increased road network The process is still ongoing with continuous addition of small equipment under Swiss Grant under Strengthened Maintenance Division Program (SMDP) and latest addition of heavy equipment like 3 units of Track Dozers, 6 units of Excavators with Breakers, 8 units of Wheel loaders and 2 units of Transporter Trucks under Japanese Grant.

These equipment are mainly dedicated to the highways constructions and maintenance projects of DoR. The equipment, when not required by the DoR, can be hired to the private hirers on a fixed Terms and Conditions basis. The hire rate has been decided by the HMG/Nepal for individual equipment.

"To Contribute Towards the Betterment of Living Conditions of the People through Effective, Efficient, Safe and Reliable Road Connectivity"

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