Shortlisted consultants and Submission of RFP, C.N. SRCTIP-DOR-KDP-CS-QCBS-2 & SRCTIP-DOR-CS-QCBS-7; KDP Detailed Design and Gajuri Training Centre

२०७७ माघ १६

Government of Nepal

Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport

Department of Roads

Development Cooperation Implementation Division

Strategic Road Connectivity & Trade Improvement Project (SRCTIP)


Notice No. SRCTIP/ 6 /077-78

Date of Publication:  29th January, 2021 (The Kathmandu Post National Daily)


Notice for Shortlisted Consulting Firms


Short List of Consulting Firms has been prepared for contract identification numbers SRCTIP-DOR-KDP-CS-QCBS-2 & SRCTIP-DOR-CS-QCBS-7; notice published in The Kathmandu Post national daily dated 4th June, 2020 & 11th August 2020 respectively. Please refer website: for details of shortlisted consultants and submission deadline. Shortlisted firms are requested to collect Request for Proposal (RFP) from the Department of Roads, Development Cooperation Implementation Division, SRCTIP, Jwagal, Lalitpur and hereby invited to submit their RFP for their respective packages. The date of pre-proposal conference, the last day of proposal submission, date of opening of technical proposal and other details are mentioned in the RFP documents

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"To Contribute Towards the Betterment of Living Conditions of the People through Effective, Efficient, Safe and Reliable Road Connectivity"

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